Ministry of Energy and Mines

Department of Energy Business

The Government’s administration system is unitary and is divided into 18 local provinces, including Vientiane Capital. The governmental structure is constituted by the Prime Minister’s Office, line ministries, ministry-equivalent organs, provinces forming the government of Laos at the central level; and provincial authorities and the local level. Each ministry is supported by its subordinate hierarchical departments, which are formed as ministerial structures.

Ministry of Energy and Mines is a governmental element, which is supported by seven Departments. The supporting departments are classified into three streams: general administration, mines, and energy. Those are office of the Permanent Secretary, Department of Statutory Monitoring, Department of Personnel, Department of Mines, Department of Energy Policy and Planning, Department of Energy Business, and Department of Energy Management. Each Department is headed by a director general, who may be assisted by some deputies.

All public state-owned enterprises dealing with energy and mines are registered under the overarching technical supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. There are Electricité du Laos (EDL), Electricité du Laos Generation (EDL-G), Lao Holding State-Owned Enterprise (LHSE), and Electrical Construction and Installation Enterprise (ECIE).  Power companies, which are owned and operated by private owners, are monitored and managed by the Department of Energy Business.  



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