I. Law on Administrative and Governing Area

  1. Law on Anti-Corruption
  2. Law on Court Fees
  3. Law on Criminal Procedure
  4. Law on Election of the Members of the National Assembly
  5. Law on the Government of Lao PDR
  6. Law on the Handling of Petitions
  7. Law on Judgment Enforcement
  8. Law on Local Administration
  9. Law on the National Assembly
  10. Law on the Oversight by the National Assembly
  11. Law on National Defence Obligations
  12. Law on Lao Nationality
  13. Law on Notary Offices
  14. Law on Penal
  15. Law on the People's Court
  16. Law on the Public Prosecutor

II. Law on Economic Area

  1. Law on Agricuture
  2. Law on the Bank of Lao PDR
  3. Law on Bankruptcy of Enterprises
  4. Law on Civil Aviation
  5. Law on Civil Procedure
  6. Law on Commercial Banks
  7. Law on Contract
  8. Law on Customs
  9. Law on Drugs and Medical Products
  10. Law on Electricity
  11. Law on Enteprise Accounting
  12. Law on Enterprise
  13. Law on Food
  14. Law on Health Care
  15. Law on Industrial Processing
  16. Law on Insurance
  17. Law on Land
  18. Law on Land Traffic
  19. Law on Land Transport
  20. Law on Mining
  21. Law on Postal Services
  22. Law on the Promotion of Domestic Investment
  23. Law on the Promotion of Foreign Investment
  24. Law on Property
  25. Law on Public Roads
  26. Law on Resolution of Economic Disputes
  27. Law on Secured Transactions
  28. Law on State Assets
  29. Law on State Budget
  30. Law on Tax
  31. Law on Telecommunications
  32. Law on Tort
  33. Law on Tourism
  34. Law on Urban Plans
  35. Law on Value Added Tax
  36. Law on Water and Resources

III. Laws on Social and Cultural Area

  1. Law on Development and Protection of Women
  2. Law on Environmental Protection
  3. Law on Family
  4. Law on Family Registration
  5. Law on Heritage and Basis of Inheritance
  6. Law on Hygiene, Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  7. Law on Labour
  8. Law on National Heritage
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